‘Rook to TN34’ by eMMplekz


Rook to TN34’ by eMMplekz is one of those records that came to me fully formed and out of nowhere and left me asking “what is this and where has it come from”. A genuinely surprising experience and all the better for it.

Hearing a record that challenges your musical expectations and understanding while rewarding that curiosity with an emotional connection is a very inspiring thing. I remember listening to Lee Gamble’s incredible ‘Dutch Tvashar Plumes’ in the studio with Dom and it being the kick that we needed to get up and finish the last album. The fact that our music sounds nothing like that record is unimportant, some records just provide that excitement about creating your own thing and fill you with creative energy. 

Much like that record, ‘Rook to TN34’ develops into a complete world in your head after repeated listens; a slightly bizarre and jarring world and one that’s very rich, three dimensional and textured. It also achieves one of the most delicate things to pull off in music in being actually funny. 

Finding new music will always be one of the most enjoyable things in life especially when it is this invigorating and leaves you with the urge to make something out of it. Go listen to the album, at least a few times, it’s really really good. 

Shouts to Simon Reynolds’ excellent blissblog where I got the recommendation. That blog is good and his book ‘Rip it Up and Start Again’ is another thing well worth investing in.